Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin


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Electronic Stage (Thursday) Pheek [live]
Montreal (Canada) JP became interested in acid house in the late ’80s and raves in early ’90s, inspiring him to DJ his own radio shows in Sherbrooke, Québec.
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TRIoon [live]
PlayNetaudio Berlin
London, Berlin / Spain TRIoon explores the realms of method, discipline, chaos, thought, feeling, boundaries, nation, culture and technology, improvising a narrative in realtime.
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Klartraum [live]
Berlin Klartraum is a Berlin-based deep electronic music project of Nadja Lind (international DJ, Groove Magazin Top 10 best remixer 2008 - G-Man rmx) and Helmut Ebritsch (Hatikvah, Morris Audio, Baalsaal)
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Dreher & [live]
Play3000 Grad, Rotary Cocktail Recordings
Berlin Anybody who can remember, was not there! people dancin' and screamin' to tripy self-made tunes, this is the intention of Toby and Sascha. Both were born in Berlin and living there still.
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Two_EM [live]
PlayRotary Cocktail Recordings, ORNAMENTS Music, ...
Berlin The structure of his set is very different; he likes to play several styles in one set like house, techno, minimal, breaks, electro or electronica and he loves records that have their own structure and character, because he hates to mix boring tools for several hours.
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Kill Minimal [live]
PlayMad Berlin, Software, Autist, Monofase, Minimal ...
Berlin The live show created by Kill minimal is all about breaking up his tracks to extract each one of its sounds to finally reconstruct a “live musical puzzle”.
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PlayPentagonik, Tonimusic
Turin (Italy), Berlin Topper grew up in Turin (IT) surrounded by substances and tunes typical of a hippie-kind of environment. Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd were his milk.
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Malinade aka Raganova [live]
PlaySologroove Rec.
Bardejov (Slovakia) Jan (living in Bratislava) comes from the beautiful historical town called Bardejov (unesco 1990), located in the north-east of the Slovakian countryside. The traditions and political situation there have had a strong influence in all aspects of his cultural living and musical career
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Audio Dependent [live]
PlayMetroline Limited, Clever Music, After-dinner
London Expect deep stabs and sweeping pads, rumbling sub bass and squelching synths all held together with a shuffled groove and thumping kick that will keep you dancing all night.
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Experimental Floor (Thursday) rsp [live]
PlaySinergy Networks (Nastroje), Enypnion (Koktaje)
Poland rsp grows from a local underground electronic scene, he doesn't respect music genres. Every event he plays is a journey through musical alleys of Detroit, Berlin or London guided by minimalistic structures, dub experiments or alternative hip-hop.
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D’Incise [live]
PlayInsubordinations, Audioactivity
Lancy (Switzerland) In 2002 he started to produce different kinds of electronic music, from dub to electronica, dangerously sliding to the more experimental ways of electroacoustic.
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6.R.M.E [live]
PlayZH27, G13recordings, NOHMAD
France 6.R.M.E
mostly works from picking up samples or ones simply set up straight from his brain. 6RME has no "modus operandi", just a single directive to enjoy.
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Iambic [live]
Playlaridae, Fluid Audio
Worthing (U.K.) Fusing acoustic and electronic instruments seamlessly he manages to create vast soundscapes in the ambient nu-jazz style.
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.at/on [live]
PlayU-Cover, Mikroton Digital, -N, TestTube, COD
Kiev (Ukraine) Anton Holota aka .at/on is a Ukrainian experimental musician. .at/on tunes are "fragmented emotional audio atmospheres moving back and forth from the dimensions of musical and non-musical harmonies, with carefully inserted field recordings, broken by sometimes childish and innocent melodies that echo and deform through the complex possibilities of digital sound processes".
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Roots Ista Posse [live]
Fresh Poulp Records
Jimmy Behan [live]
Carlow (Ireland) Currently, much of his work focuses on finding emotional connections between the physicality of sounds and their contexts.
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Urbanoise [live]
PlayBurning City
Greece Urbanoise are Asty Tekk (synthesizers ,drum machines, stomp boxes, mics, amps ,cables and old lo-fi gadgets), Clany Mendez (creating moody hip hop tunes), Vassilios Ikonomidis (instrumental) and Stella (vocalist). Urbanois is a live and record orientated experimental noise break beat band.
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Pop & Trip Hop Floor (Friday) Frau Brex & Castrozucker [live]
Berlin, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Frau Brex & vj Castrozucker a new live project from Berlin. Frau Brex mixes her tracks with live vocals and live synthesizers, while VJ Castrozucker is mixing Frau Brex's comic character with her own art and drawings. A hypnotic, delicate sea of house-nujazz sounds and abstract colorful pics. To listen, to watch, to dance.
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Tracing Arcs [live]
PlayDusted Wax Kingdom, Mixedmode
U.K Tracing Arcs - explore influences from music, film, literature and art. Featuring Fran Kapelle (vocals/lyrics) and Paul Addie
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Gosprom [live]
Ukraine Gosprom is a young progressive band from Kharkov (Ukraine) with modern variations on a theme acid-jazz and trip-hop.
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Ne:o [live]
Playaaahh Records,
Dresden (Germany) “Ne:o was formed in 2003 in Dresden, Germany by David Friedmann, Sven Graupner, Gregor Gantert and Marco Sebastian Christ.
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Discoghosts [live]
New York City Discoghosts are a couple of kids that won’t grow up - and fit together like shit and stink.
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Stereoshape [live]
Mainz (Germany) By now Stereoshape is a 5 year old musicians trio consisting of Oliver Rieger, Jens Rödner and Lars Rödner. The band combines different musical styles and interweaves them into an electronic net of triphop, disco, funk and pop
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Rafiralfiro Trio [live]
PlayFresh Poulp Records
France His approach is clever but gritty, tapping into cutting edge new sounds, and ancient musical traditions from across the globe. Raf rejects an intellectual, conceptual vision of music, seeing it more as a fun way to experiment with overcoming the limits of human language.
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Mor La Peach [live]
Berlin, Amsterdam, London Mor La Peach blend disparate styles creating music that has no specific style … You could say it’s a genre called ‘everything’.
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Upitup feat. Tracky Birthday [live]
PlayUpitUp Records
New York City, Stuttgart (Germany) Tracky Birthday is founding member of UpitUp Records, a netlabel operating from Rome, Italy. His musical styles range from Tiki to Disco, from Polka to Rap, from Carnival to Other, from Surf Rock to 8-Bit Techno to Dub.
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Drum’n'Bass & Dubstep Floor (Friday) Tanith
Berlin Tanith is a not only a Dj, he also makes remixes for several artists or plays as a support DJ as for the Prodigy tour in Germany.
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Buzz [live]
Dortmund (Germany) Inspired by musical genres like dub, reggae, hip-hop & drum'n'bass Buzz started producing in the 90’s and gave his debut on ALPHACUT in 2001 with his track "POWERPLANT"
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Dysphemic [live]
PlayShitWank, Painfree, DysphemicCorporation
Melbourne (Australia) Dysphemic makes a unique blend of dubstep,drum and bass and glitchy breakcore. He is known for his epic live show consisting only of original tracks, tweaked and manipulated through a midi device and computer.
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London Shards of sound scatter, echo and reverberate into s p a t i a l dimension intrusion.
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Berlin (Germany) He loves playful beats and basses of the fattest kind.
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Normaa [live]
PlayFreshpoulp records, Jahtari
Gijon (Spain) Normaa makes audiovisual and narrative experimental travels about the bad engineering of Equal humanity, with a lot of deconstructed beats , and very influenced by roots dub from the 70`s.
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Martsman [live]
PlayPlain Produktions
Berlin With his affection for prominent basslines and stumbling breaks in combination with glitchy edits and bleepy minimalism, Martsman has developed a unique musical style which extends the current perception of Drum&Bass.
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Hatti Vatti [live]
PlayQunabu, Mindset
Gdansk (Poland) Hatti Vatti is producer Piotr Kalinski. He performs live with Maciek Salamon (VJ) and Sara Brylewska (singer). He co-runs Qunabu netlabel. His music is a crossover between minimalistic dubtechno and dubstep.
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Fushara [live]
PlayPlain Productions, Digibeat Music, Break-Fast, ...
London Fushara has been living in London for almost a decade and makes music that reflects his interaction with the city and those that reside within it.
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Zengineers [live]
Cologne (Germany) Zengineers are something like a syndicate. Out of a mutual fable for philosophy, far-eastern aesthetics, urbanity and the abundance of musical forms of expression.
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Electronic Stage (Friday) D. Diggler
PlayLevelNONZero, Maschine, Raummusik, Resopal
Germany D. Diggler mainly combines his minimalistic view with tech-house and techno which combines with his exceptional production style. With uplifting vibes throughout his tracks, which are very suitable for the dance floors.
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Marc Schneider
Wordandsound, Wasnotwas
Hamburg (Germany) Blessed with a rare talent Marc Schneider secured gigs in hot-spots all over Germany almost immediately, was spinning on a global scale as soon as 1994 and held it down at big events like the Love Parade from there on.
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PlayWhat People Play, Punkt Music
Berlin Peter is responsible for Whatpeopleplay and performs on a different professional level with his artists therefore reducing his appearance as a dj. Especially for the Netaudio Festival Berlin he will once again return to the decks.
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Goldwill [live]
Wasnotwas, Musik gewinnt Freunde
Berlin Goldwill (Ralf Schmidt + Henry Behring) tries to keep music as open as possible, as both listen to many different kinds of music. Most of the stuff they do is based on house music in the broadest way. They need to feel the sound and hve good times with it.
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Erich Lesovsky [live]
PlayStil vor Talent, Keno
Berlin Erich Lesovsky is the newest addition to label Stil vor Talent’s and only performs as a live act in the clubs.
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The Marx Trukker [live] / Schall
Berlin The Marx Trukker is a one-men-live-act from berlin playing deep and dark analog techno with the help of different analog drummachines and synthesizers and his laptop. He is involved in the work of different netlabels with the focus on the more dubby side of techno (for example schall-netlabel / deep in dub / plusplus) In 04.2009 he starts his own netlabel The Studio Stereo where he wants to feature even more artists he is impressed by.
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Scaff [live]
Hamburg (Germany) Scaff produces fresh sounds bound into a modern context. His tracks are always unicums being generated live with no further editing.
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Das Blaue Monster [live]
PlayDer Kleine Gruene Wuerfel
Cologne (Germany) Das Blaue Monster (Cologne, Germany) is a Live-Techno-Duo. The boy at the knobs, the girl at the microphone.
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Electronic Stage (Saturday) SCSI-9
PlayKompakt, Fragment music
Moscow (Russia) In 2000 Anton and Maxim took their equipment together and built their own studio. In a year Maxim joined Kubikov's most advanced electronic project SCSI-9.
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Alex Meshkov
Dilek Records
Moscow (Russia) His professional dj career started in 1996. His name is associated with an epoch of the Russian techno scene. His DJ-ing style is rather wide and variable, however always original: from minimal to techno and techouse with deep influences and light touch of melodies.
More about Alex Meshkov
Falko Brocksieper
Sub Static, Tuning Spork, Treibstoff, Resopal ...
Berlin Falko Brocksieper makes tech-house/micro-house/dub house with a deep dose of analog funk and has remixed some other DJs.
More about Falko Brocksieper
PlayPentagonik, Stil vor Talent
Berlin Cotumo has been establishing his reputation as a well known DJ in Berlin since 2004 with his DJ-sets at Clubs like the WMF, Arena or Ritter Butzke and at many festivals in and around Berlin.
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teaMore [live]
PlayPulsar / netlag / Netaudio Berlin
Berlin TeaMore produces techhouse and minimal, is labelhead of (netlabel) Pulsar Records and co-founder of Netlag and the Berlin/London Netaudio Festival. He has become a passionate activist for free music on the web and organiser of numerous techhouse/minimal underground-events.
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PlayTongut, Morris/Audio, Sub-Static and Punkt Music
Zurich (Switzerland) Apoll’s the man for minimal rockin Techno and House! Within the big minimal scene he has been there for years delivering catchy tunes!
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Raphael Gomez [live]
PlayVekton, Treibstoff
Madrid (Spain) Raphael Gomez has diverse musical skills as a composer and producer who covers several styles ranging from rock, downtempo electronica, tech-house and minimal techno.
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Juno6 [live]
PlayOh!Yeah!, Liebe*Detail, Cargoedition, Broque
Germany He performs his live set without computers and simply eplies on drum machines and synthesizer.
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D Liner
PlayOscilator, Circuits Records
Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Andrej Imamovic aka D Liner - Producer, DJ, promoter and journalist from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before I started producing techno influenced music, I used to play drums in various so called "alternative" bands in the period 1995-2001...
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PlayPVSR-REC, CODE2, REC, subindustries, Pulsar-REC
Berlin (Germany) Proeff is an electronic musician, who grew up in the age of digital music. Raised in east Berlin he discovered electronic music in the early 90´s. It all started with a mass of cool tapes, he recorded/collected/bought/found/traded/etc.
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Hip Hop & NuJazz (Saturday) Swift & Flip
PlayError Broadcast
Bochum (Germany) Swift & Flip "Filippo Aldovini + Sven Swift) were known to deliver high quality and undogmatic next level experimental Hip Hop music from rap underground. Expect a bass-heavy maelstrom of experimental Hip Hop, unwashed Dubstep and skew-whiff Wonky music!
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Q-Daelic & Georg Hekt [live]
PlayStigae Music
Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) Q-Daelic – Producer, DJ and a skateboard champion who is renowned in the whole Europe. He loves tinkering old electronic toys and inventing musical devices, if you listen to his music you’ll hear the universe of sounds of unknown origin.
More about Q-Daelic & Georg Hekt
Comfort Fit [live]
PlayTokyodawn Records
Mannheim (Germany) Comfort Fit's versatile influences range from early Detroit Techno and Minimal Electronica to Jazz, Broken Beats and Hip Hop.
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Strad [live]
PlayDusted Wax Kingdom Netlabel
Budapest (Hungary) In his music you will discover elements from almost all kinds of genres that he has been influenced by, the dirty drums and heavy bass lines from Drum&Bass, the glich and synth sounds from experimental music, the pumping hip-hop beats, through trip-hop and the magic power of jazz.
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Jenz Steiner [live]
Berlin Steiner sings of crumbling tenement storefronts, sleazy backyards and pirate radiostations broadcasting from the attics of squats. Mischievously and self-ironically he always catches the spirit of the time. In a very personal, facetious and touching way he gibes the economical crisis, gentrification, internet censorship, data mining mania and the lobby work of the content mafia.
More about Jenz Steiner
Niteffect [live]
PlayKreislauf / nOtheen
Budapest (Hungary) Niteffect became a musical omnivore of the electronic genre, he could never stick with one style, he absorbed everything that belonged to this school.
More about Niteffect
Ordoeuvre [live]
Good Netlabel
Paris (France) Ordoeuvre is one of the best young artists to come out of France with innovative and dynamic style. The sounds he uses are fresh, the mixes are original and beware.
More about Ordoeuvre
Cologne (Germany) With his fresh imported anthems from the web and he will dig a grave for every guitar-hero out there. Put your hot pants on and join the movement!
More about Mo.
Slomo & Lunte [live]
PlayiD.EOLOGY, 12Rec
Cologne, Berlin (Germany) Lunte lays his rap texts with almost mad conviction and a lot of pun on the astonishing beats from Lunte.
More about Slomo & Lunte
Dub / Techdub / 8Bit Floor (Saturday) Peak [live]
PlayA Quiet Bump
Irpinia (Italy) Jamaican dub roots, electronic culture, landscape and noise music are, at the same time, the ingredients of Peak's vibes…
More about Peak
Das Kraftfuttermischwerk [live]
Playtfe-records, Thinner
Potsdam (Germany) Das Kraftfuttermischwerk (Nico Wawersig + Ronny Kraak) is something between beats and ambient sound, chill-out, organic and electronic sounds.
More about Das Kraftfuttermischwerk
Volfoniq [live]
PlayLes Cristaux Liquident, Jahtari, A Quiet Bump
France Volfoniq is a French electro-dub band born in 2004, melting ska, reggae or ragga with electronics to create its very own interpretation of Dub.
More about Volfoniq
Dubatech aka Cold Form [live]
PlayBaum, Shoreless Recordings, SublimePorte
Istanbul (Turkey) His aim is to create a deep and lush atmosphere with little touches of hypnotic melodies. He combines in his own way influences from Detroit, Berlin and of course Istanbul.
More about Dubatech aka Cold Form
Berlin Jerando is of the artists at netlag.
More about Jerando
Disrupt & MC. Troels Egern [live]
Leipzig (Germany) Disrupt is the founder of the Jahtari label and producer of loads of 8-bit-low-end bliss since 2004.
More about Disrupt & MC. Troels Egern
Holger Flinsch [live]
PlayStadtgrün, Thinner
Germany Holger Flinsch is well-known for his releases on many labels and in particular on 'Choke'. Meanwhile he founded his own record label 'Basalt'. His last album came out on
More about Holger Flinsch
Metastaz [live]
PlayTazart Music
Saint-Etienne (France) Metastaz is a dub producer and Militant from Saint-Etienne in France.
More about Metastaz
Marko Fürstenberg [live]
Leipzig (Germany) Marko Fürstenbergs live sets combine classic dub-techno elements with current techno trends, which is much valued by his audience. With this music he is considerably involved in the development of dub- and deep-techno.
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Chris Box
PlayRun Sounds
London Although he started off chopping & cutting up techno & electro at warehouse & outdoor parties across London & Europe in the 90s with Sonic Sound System playing at teknivals and festivals alongside the likes of Desert Storm, Mutoid Waste etc., recent years have seen the bpms drop & the music get deeper and more stripped down.
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Disonancia Cognitiva [live]
Instant Delay
Berlin Disonancia Cognitiva ist eine multidisziplinäre Performance der Künstlergruppe Instant Delay. Tanz, Musik und Video werden in einem Raum vereint, um einen menschlichen Gefühlszustand darzustellen.
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