Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Alex Meshkov

Alex Meshkov appears on Electronic Stage (Saturday)
Labels: Dilek Records

Alex MeshkovAlex was born in the old Russian town of Smolensk in the family of medical officers. With his parents getting assignments all around Russia and abroad, Alex traveled a lot, including several years in East Germany. In the year 1989 he moved over to reside in Moscow.  In 1993 he found himself interested in avant-garde fashion. In the year 1996 the “PTUCH” magazine awarded Alex as the best avant-garde designer – he received their “Golden Ptuch” prize. Alex coped with his fame in a rather strange way – quite soon he became bored with fashion design and left this business.  Long before taking his final decision to become a DJ, Alex was making his own mixes for his fashion shows. His professional dj career was started in 1996 in “Aquatoria” club. A while after he became the resident-DJ of the legendary “Substation” underground radio station, being remembered from that time for his industrially-dark and atmospheric night radio-shows – Psychic TV & Throbbing Gristle, dark ambient & trip-hop, Saturday morning techno & electro shows.  After the “Substation” was closed, Alex worked as a DJ at the “Station 2000” and “Dynamite” radio stations. For 6 years he was a resident of word-famous internet-radio Deepmix. Today the name of DJ Alex Meshkov is associated with an epoch of the Russian techno scene as well as with a significant list of night-clubs. The most legendary of them but alas now not existing were: Luch, A-club (resident), Territoria (resident), MiX (resident), Gorod.  Since the year 1999 Alex has created music under the name of “Nooncat”, his personal musical project. Nooncat’s smart and neatly true tracks have been released on European labels: Salo, Konvex-Konkav, Trapez, Treibstoff, MIS, Trenton; and on Russian labels: Lichen, Between Us, Phlegmatek. In 2004 the Moscow “16 Tons” club awarded Nooncat with a famous “Golden Gargoyle” as the best dance project of the year. In 2008 this project was terminated, but a new one was started – ?amesh?.  At the present time he plays in ?Dubclub?, ?Shanti?, ?Solyanka? and ?Mio? Moscow night clubs, also on internet-radio The geography of his performances is wide: Germany, Macedonia, Romania, Switzerland, France, Poland, England, Austria, Serbia and all across Russia. His DJ-ing style is rather wide and variable, however always original: from minimal to techno and techouse with deep influences and light touch of melodies.

Nooncat Releases:

You! EP (12″) / Salo 011
Last Summer E.P. (12″) / Konvex-Konkav 020
Snowdust EP (12″) / Trapez 016
Pop Corn EP (12″) / Konvex-Konkav 023
Under The Moon EP (12″) / Treibstoff 030
Under The Moon / Under The Sun (CD) / Treibstoff CD06
Under The Sun EP (12″) / Treibstoff 032
Blue Screen EP (12″) / Treibstoff 041
Down The Room EP (12″) / Treibstoff 047
Time for… EP (12″) / Trenton 009
It’s Just a Game (mp3/wav) / Between Us 002
Seven cents EP (12”) / MIS Rec. 009
My june (mp3/wav) / Between Us 008
Underwater EP (12?) / Phlegmatek 04
Aquaerobics (mp3/wav) / Lichen Rec. 001
Dictum/Factum (12?) / Trenton 022

Midnight Traveller (12″)/ Midnight Traveller (Nooncat rmx)/ Highgrade Records 021
Galactica & Supermatch (Remixes) (12″)/ Galactica (Nooncat Remix)/ Solaris Records 010
Angel Of The A7 (12″) / Angel Of The A7 (Nooncat rmx) / Trenton 013

Tracks Appear On:
Electronic Cosmetics (2xLP) /780 Km Nach Osten/ Salo 013
The Midas Touch (2×12″)/ Robot Attack/ Konvex-Konkav 019
Deepmix 2.0 (CD)/ My June/ Deep Mix Moscow Radio
Moskau – Berlin Vol. 2 (CD)/ Teflon/ World Club Music
Beat Generation (12”)/Fuckaround/Trenton 012

Amesh releases:

Sputnik 1 Compilation / Co On / Pro-Tez
Aka Aka – Tigerente mit Reis (Amesh rmx) / 3rd Wave
SCSI-9 – So Sweet (Amesh rmx) / Aleph Compilation I / Darek
Tomasz Wakulewski – Livia (Amesh rmx) / Plexi Rec.

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