Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

.at/on [live]

.at/on appears on Experimental Floor (Thursday)
Labels: U-Cover, Mikroton Digital, -N, TestTube, COD

at_onAnton Holota aka .at/on  is a Ukrainian experimental musician.  .at/on tunes are “fragmented emotional audio atmospheres moving back and forth from the dimensions of musical and non-musical harmonies, with carefully inserted field recordings, broken by sometimes childish and innocent melodies that echo and deform through the complex possibilities of digital sound processes”.

Anton Golota was born in Kharkiv in 1985.  In 2002 he moved to Kyiv to study physics. During his studies, he conducted a programme on university radio, which was dedicated to electronic music.  His first release was published under Creative Common license in 2004.  In 2006 his first live show was performed.  Since then .at/on has released lots of EP’s on different labels and appeared in many different compilations.  In 2006, one of the compilations that included his track was nominated for a Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 3rd edition in the category “Qwartz compilation”.  In 2008 he launched the techno/dub side project COTF.  In 2009 his first CD was released on U-cover label.

.at/on has performed on such festivals as Les Urbaines, DetaliZvuku, Kvitnu, MusCut.

Listen to Track aton-ddtmh-medley + Visit Soundcloud of at-on

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