Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Chris Box

Chris Box appears on Dub/Techdub/8Bit Floor (Saturday)
Labels: Run Sounds

618As dj and promoter of run, Chris Box has played alongside internationally renowned artists such as Daniel Bell, Patrice Scott, Zip, Jay Haze, Philip Quenum, Pheek, Andy Vaz, Geoff White, Portable and a host of others as well as introduced other acts from across the world (Barem, Ben Parris, Fusiphorm, Cabanne, Jeff Samuel, Johan Skugge and Someone Else) to London.

Although he started off chopping & cutting up techno & electro at warehouse & outdoor parties across London & Europe in the 90s with Sonic Sound System playing at teknivals and festivals alongside the likes of Desert Storm, Mutoid Waste etc., recent years have seen the bpms drop & the music get deeper and more stripped down.

Having always been into the more experimental and sparse elements of electronic music (from the early jackin Chicago trax to the tweaked acid of Plastikman and DBX via early Warp bleeps) it has been a natural progression of style and aesthetic from the early years to today.

Aside from run, he?s pushed his mutant strains of techno & house at various nights & events such as Multi Vitamins, Digital Beanbag & minimal london etc. in bars & clubs across London such as 93 Feet East, Strongrooms, Café 1001 / 1002, Gramaphone, Shunt Vaults, Fluid Bar, Bar 54, The Rhythm Factory, Kaos etc. as well as at Stealth in Nottingham and Delete in Bournemouth.

In addition to playing locally Chris?s record bag has taken him to Wales to the Freerotation Festival, and further afield to Berlin where he has played at the RAW Tempel, breiPott and Wagenplanet Lohmühle. He has also visited Brazil a few times where he has played at the Motronic parties in Sao Paulo alongside musical partners in crime Russell Skellon & Daniel Cozta.
In January 2009 Chris played at the Club Transmediale Festival in Berlin at the Netlabel-Meeting Pt. II ? Netaudio night.

Plans for the future include focusing both on the runsounds and rungrooves parties in order to provide a monthly platform for local and international talent. Talks of the runsounds netlabel are also taking place? Watch this space!

Listen to Track positive-vibrations + Visit Soundcloud of runsounds

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