Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Discoghosts [live]

Discoghosts appears on Pop & TripHop Stage (Friday)
Labels: Unsigned

DiscoGhosts3They please their crowds with that warm and sexy disco sound:
M-Boy (Shake Your Tree magazine) and tracky say their main goal is to impress girls. They also love to tinker, dance, fly toy airplanes or chill at public swimming pools; The Discoghosts are a couple of kids that won?t grow up – and fit together like shit and stink.

Their debut was a wonderful online concert they played live on Times Square in Manhattan, but previous collaborations like at the Shake Your Tree exhibition in Stuttgart or the interactive sound installation ?LMD-Girls? with Roglok already notified that there was more to come. Apart from T-shirt design battles and live radio sessions that got them kicked off, The Discoghosts are working on a party album to be released (where else) on your second favorite record label.

Listen to Track discoghosts-ghostbustersbusters + Visit Soundcloud of berlin-1

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