Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Frau Brex & Castrozucker [live]

Frau Brex & Castrozucker appears on Pop & Trip Hop Floor (Friday)
Labels: Angeltone

fraubrex&castrozucker“live:…she plays and mixes her tracks with live singing and samples while frau brex comics are moving behind! a hypnotic, delicate sea ofsounds and Frau Brex & vj Castrozucker a new live project from Berlin. Frau Brex mixes her tracks with live vocals and live synthesizers, while VJ Castrozucker is mixing Frau Brex’s comic character with her own art and drawings. A hypnotic, delicate sea of house-nujazz sounds and abstract colorful pics. To listen, to watch, to dance.

Frau Brex, alias Sonia Brex, originally from italy, begin her musical journey studying classical music and piano. Involved in live and studio projects with the pop band Quartered Shadows, she moves to Berlin where she writes soundtracks for Photo-Music reportage and for experimental Theater and Choreography (1994 “Invisible Public (city)” presented at the Art Academy Festival – Berlin1997 “Cuore Elettrico” – Rote salon – Berlin, Festival del Capo – Catania. She starts to perform, experimenting with different DJs from the indi-electronic Berlin scene, DJ Rogall, Razoof, DJ Krozome, and mostly with the audio-video project Rechen Zentrum.  Beside her work as vocalist, she becomes former member of the first band of front-man Ben Hamilton (Tracy) and X.I.T., playing hammond, synth and backing vocals. In collaboration with ?Miss Lata? Spanish recycling-artist and costume designer, she explores her interest in theatrical outfits, mixing her role as a singer and musician to eclectic performing acts. With Miss Lata she participates in different initiatives and festivals all over Germany in support of significant environmental issues ( such as “the Recycling Art festival”, Berlin 2002-003-004) Other important participations, to the Italian motion-film “A modo mio” (director V. Jalongo – winner of Torino ‘s film festival, 2006) where she wrote the title-track “I might” and the electro-trip-hop project ?Brex & Wickinger?, with producer Lars Wickinger (Traum). Although, between the years 2000 and 2005 most of her production is of her solo songs that she writes and performs under the name Sonia Brex , with the release of two albums “A Change” and “Winter in Summer”, which received very warm feedback from the independent music press.  Between 2007 and 2008, a new partnership formed between her and the italian cartoon artist Piero Tonin with whom she shares her passion for vintage animation and style, (especially to “La linea” of Osvaldo Cavandoli) . Together they are creating a new character, Frau Brex, and a series of musical stories. The music she is writing for the project is mostly instrumental and very influenced by the 60´s maestros of Italian lounge and synth psychedelia (P. Umiliani, P.Piccione). First episode of this collection is called “Naif forthcoming.  Then 2009 a new partenship grew with the video artist ” Castrozucker ”


1992 “Last floor beach” Q.Shadows CD (AV.Arts/I)
1993 “Falso movimento” photo-music reportage, Sound Track
1994 “Invisible publi(city) ” photo reportage, Sound track
1995 “Camminando sul muro” dance performance, Sound Track
1996 “Cuore Elettrico” dance performance, Sound Track
1998 “Recycling Art” Miss Lata show, Sound Track
2000 “A Change”Maxi single(whyte lable)
2002 “In Session” dj Rogall-mixCd (Sonarkollektiv)
2003 “No Borders no Nations no Wars”,vinyl compilation (Duplikat)
2003 “Winter in Summer” Sonia Brex solo album (Duplikat Records)
2004 “Experiences” in “SoulAquarium”Razoof CD (Nesta)
2005 “Slowly” Various artists (Silence)
2006 “Snow Flake” air show, Sound Track
2008 Frau Brex in “Achtung Musik” BMC Berliner Compilation
2008 21.12 “Lampada” winter song single (Angeltone Rec)
2009 Forthcoming, Sonia Brex ?Play? (Peacelounge)
2009 Forthcoming, Sonia Brex ?Disco meets Bossa? (Peacelounge)
2010 Forthcoming, Sonia Brex ?Tigre? new album (Piranha)

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