Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Fushara [live]

Fushara appears on Drum’n'Bass & Dubstep Stage (Friday)
Labels: Plain Productions, Digibeat Music, Break-Fast, Pinecone Moonshine

fusharaFushara has been living in London for almost a decade and makes music that reflects his interaction with the city and those that reside within it.  Music is something that has been intertwined with his life, but it is not his only focus and he would say that without an experience there would be no music to create.  His music consists of drums, sounds recorded from his travels and synthesisers.  As a new artist his sound is forming into a soundtrack influenced by music he has experienced since he can remember.  Recently described as a breakbeat monster he has made music for Break-Fast, Plainaudio, Misspent, Pinecone Moonshine, Digibeat, Space2Pace and his debut album coming out this year on Make:Shift recordings.

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