Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Goldwill [live]

Goldwill appears on Electronic Stage (Friday)
Labels: Wasnotwas, Musik gewinnt Freunde

GoldwillSome of you will know Goldwill (Ralf Schmidt and Henry Behring) from their ?One Bill? single on WordandSound last year, and they?ve had a good run of remixes and tracks since then, on Liebe*Detail, Einmaleins and Lomidhigh Organic. So What sort of music do these guys feel they want to make? ….

RS: “Any kind of music, as long as I can feel it. It has to make me feel happy and excited. I don?t like to restrict myself to a certain sound or formula. For Goldwill, we try to keep it as open as possible, as we both listen to so many different kinds of music”.

HB: “It think most of the stuff we do is based on house music in the broadest way. We don?t want to do a certain style to be expected. We need to feel the thing, having a good time first and trying to create something unique that we are down with”.

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