Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Jenz Steiner [live]

Jenz Steiner appears on Hip Hop & NuJazz Floor (Saturday)
Labels: Steiner

Jenz SteinerAs an MC, journalist and grassroots media activist, Jenz Steiner has been enriching Berlin’s cultural life for more than two decades. His music mirrors the anarchic spirit of his internationally known home, the district of Prenzlauer Berg – Berlin, during the vivifying time of the collapsing GDR.

Steiner sings of crumbling tenement storefronts, sleazy backyards and pirate radiostations broadcasting from the attics of squats.  Mischievously and self-ironically he always catches the spirit of the time. In a very personal, facetious and touching way he gibes the economical crisis, gentrification, internet censorship, data mining mania and the lobby work of the content mafia.

His three Albums “Steiner, wie er singt und lacht” (2009), “Disko in der U-Bahn” (2003) and “Hart an der Grenze” (2001) were published independently under a creative commons license. Steiner supports local independent media networks, writes articles, essays and non-fiction books on youth- and subculture. Since 2004 Steiner is critically blogging about Prenzlauer Berg. For this he has been likewise criticized and appreciated by the mainstream media.

Listen to Track jenz-steiner-berlin-berlin-du-bist-scheisse + Visit Soundcloud of berlin-1

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