Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Malinade aka Raganova [live]

Malinade aka Raganova appears on Electronic Stage (Thursday)
Labels: Sologroove Rec.

malinade-photo-2Jan (living in Bratislava) comes from the beautiful historical town called Bardejov (unesco 1990), located in the north-east of the Slovakian countryside.  The traditions and political situation there have had a strong influence in all aspects of his cultural living and musical career. Raganova has not been musically educated, but all his feelings for music and sense of rhythm come from his grandfather probably, who was a squeeze box player.  His fusion with electronic music began in the early nineties via MTV and Slovak & German radioshows.  A few years later he felt compelled to perform dance music as a dj, but the most important influence in his musical development has come via the net and all the music accessible for free from mixpages and netlabels. During this time he summon up the courage to imitate certain tunes coming from that source using a software sequencer. He takes house as music, where he can display most of all feelings applying deep,minimal and techno influences. Night Drive Music has released his first net-LP in April 2005. In 2006 he bought domain, for placing his musical productions. Influenced by netlabel philosophy, he is searching for Slovakian dance music makers, thereby basing the first official Slovakian netlabel. Jan has been devoted to releasing and promoting EPs since April 2007 as Raganova, a member of the Leporelo booking summer 2007 jan performed almost every weekend in Slovakian festivals or clubs, live or as a dj…

Malinade aka Raganova has played with:

Tom Ellis, Mikael Stavostrand, Dualism, Andre Kronert, Margaret Dygaz, Db, Mark Henning


ndm_net_ep_028-va-new perspective_remixes
clever_011-pitka ep

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