Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Metastaz [live]

Metastaz appears on Dub/Techdub/8Bit Stage (Saturday)
Labels: Tazart Music

MetastazMetastaz (Dub/Fusion – Tazart Music)

Metastaz is a dub producer and Militant from Saint-Etienne in France.  This dub activist has produced 3 releases as free downloads via 2 different net labels.  His own music is a kind of Electro-Dub near the Jarring Effect’s productions like high Tone or Ez3kiel.

A new LP’s and EP’s series will be released (self production on his own label, Tazart-music) at the end of 2009, with lots of guests:  Blu Rum 13 (Dj Vadim, oneself, reverse E.), Dasha Baskakova (Dasha & Vörse), miscalleneous (Fumuj), Junior Cony Fedayi Pacha…

Somber & Heavy, Metastaz will play a new exclusive live.

Dun or die!

Listen to Track simpsong-feat-mss + Visit Soundcloud of metastaz

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