Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin


Mo. appears on Hip Hop & NuJazz Floor (Saturday)
Labels: Phlow

moritz-mo-sauer.pngMo. SauerMoritz Sauer better known as mo. from Phlow speaks (d)english and has been a music lover ever since. As a journalist and idealist he has followed the free music movement since the beginning. Together with Sven Swift he publishes one of the few well-known ressources which deals constantly with creative commons, music, netlabels and netculture. There he propagates his taste and love for music. In his opinion music needs to be rhythmic, with an awfully deep bassline, a groove to remember and that special bit of Pop. At Netaudio Berlin he will play some of the nicest Hip Hop and Drum’n’Bass. With his fresh imported anthems from the web and he will dig a grave for every guitar-hero out there. Put your hot pants on and join the movement!

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