Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Normaa [live]

Normaa appears on Drum’n'Bass & Dubstep Stage (Friday)
Labels: Freshpoulp records, Jahtari

NormaaThe seed started in the ninetees, Placed in Gijón, a little city in the north of Spain . Eduardo started to make beats for his hip hop group in 1995, very influenced by French marseille hip hop and east coast sound from New york . Groups like N.A.P., Infamous mob, mob deep, Group home was a big influence. In the next years he turned to Experimentation , because he was in digital exploration while he worked as a digital Designer in local agencies.

In the 2001 he releases his digital experimentations on the net, wich included a lot of digital Sounds. As time moved on, the sound got bigger and met glitch, Dub, and soundscapes. Visuals are created by Raúl, and Eduardo, Both with a lot of experience in digital video and animation in TV and web. They make audiovisual and narrative experimental travels about the bad engineering of Equal humanity, with a lot of deconstructed beats , and very influenced by roots dub from the 70`s. Activism and audiovisual dis-information, with bits of arab culture and roots sound, dark atmospheres and dramatic colours, Always with a hip hop beat.

Listen to Track dincise-connerie-de-mythes-part1 + Visit Soundcloud of netaudioberlin

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