Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Q-Daelic & Georg Hekt [live]

Q-Daelic & Georg Hekt appears on Hip Hop & NuJazz Floor (Saturday)
Labels: Stigae Music

Q-Daelic & Georg HektQ-Daelic ? Producer, DJ and a skateboard champion who is renowned in the whole of Europe. He loves tinkering with old electronic toys and inventing musical devices, if you listen to his music you?ll hear the universe of sounds from unknown origins. Q?s album on the netlabel Stigae Music called ?Q?s Beatzza Marihuargarita? which came out in 2005, became the most downloaded album on this label for a reason: it sounds awesome!

Georg Hekt ? Producer and musician, sometimes DJ, co-founder of the netlabel Stigae Music. His inspirational background can fill a playlist for two months of music non-stop. Since his youth in the town of Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, he?s been participating in all kinds of musical projects reaching from the schools orchestra to alternative rock bands. His albums on Stigae Music is partly electronic, partly acoustic, and connects the Far East to the West coast and everything in-between through sampling and collaborations.

The first collaboration between Q-Daelic and Georg Hekt happened live on stage in 2005 when they improvised with a Commodore64 (tuned by Q-Daelic), Laptop, a few small devices and acoustic instruments. In the following year the two producers recorded some tracks together, but with long pauses in-between. In the fall of 2008 Q-Daelic and Georg Hekt started playing live again, but this time equipped with samplers and turntables. Half a year?s tour produced the album BLUE LIGHTS recorded in March 2009 live at the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, released in May the same year through Stigae Music. The duo is looking forward to organising a tour in the near future.

Listen to Track q-daelic-feat-georg-hekt-blue-lights-live-feat-outburst + Visit Soundcloud of georghekt

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