Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Rafiralfiro Trio [live]

Rafiralfiro Trio appears on Pop & TripHop Floor (Friday)
Labels: Fresh Poulp Records

rafiralfiro-trioRafael Aragon is a composer, musician, music journalist and music obsessive. Rafael Aragon, aka Rafiralfiro was born and grew up in an urban, multi-cultural suburb of Paris. A short, but indispensable stint learning classical piano gave him the key to understanding music, and CAM (Computer Aided Music) gave him to the tools to express something with it. The quality and diversity of the sounds he’s been exposed to remain his greatest assets. His approach is clever but gritty, tapping into cutting edge new sounds, and ancient musical traditions from across the globe. Raf rejects an intellectual, conceptual vision of music, seeing it more as a fun way to experiment with overcoming the limits of human language. He mixes and arranges his samples with a scientific attention to detail, combines them with live performances and lets the magic of chance do the rest.

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