Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Raphael Gomez [live]

Raphael Gomez appears on Electronic Stage (Saturday)
Labels: Vekton, Treibstoff

Raphael GómezRafael Gómez was born in 1976 in a small village near Frankfurt. A piano, bass guitar and a C64/Amiga 500 with Octalyzer were the first tools he started to make music with at the age of 15. After having played in a rockband he decided to move to Cologne – one of the centers attracting devotees of electronic music and minimal. While living in this city he got deeper into electronic music and minimal techno. Raphael has diverse musical skills as a composer and producer who covers several styles ranging from rock, downtempo electronica, tech-house and minimal techno. Finally in 2001 Rafael released his first single on Substatic followed by some others on Treibstoff. Not only is Rafael a veteran of the Cologne Scene, but he also played a leading role in the launch of the label Substatic, alongside Mia and Falko Brocksieper. Instantly his cult-release “resurrect” substaic003 forged ahead and was a major step in the label’s rise taking the label and Rafael to the front ranks of this new Cologne Sound. His latest records can be found on Buenaonda Records, Paris MICROSCAPES Vol.I and Columbia Techsound (2007).

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