Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

a2n: VJ-Barcamp and Netaudio Berlin’s Night, Fr 18.09. @ RAW.tempel

Within the framework of the a2n-barcamp, Netaudio Berlin will present a long day & night event at RAW.tempel. In cooperation with there’ll be a VJ barcamp in the afternoon. We will soon be able to announce for the later night program an outstanding linup of cc- and non-cc artists in the fields of Techdub (indoor) – as well as Jazzy and Distorted Ambient Dub (outside). Watch out for flyers, posters and online-anouncements – or even better: diarize this event and join as an artists or visitor!

17h VJ Barcamp session – Multiscreening

Topic: Multiscreening

21h Netaudio Berlin presents: DUBTALES

23:00 – 01:00: Floh Kasten
01:00 ? 02:00: Peak Live (A Quite Bump / Ornaments)
02:00 – 04.00: Renè Löwe (Global Underground)
04:00 ? 05:00: P.Laos Live (Deepindub)
05:00 ? 07:00: Marko Fürstenberg (Thinner / Ornaments)

Outdoor Urban Jungle Dubchill

Mogreens (Visual Berlin)
Das Kraftfuttermischwerk LIVE (Thinner)
Josè (Visual Berlin)

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