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Netaudio London Conference: “The Future Of Music”

Netaudio London will host a conference about

‘The future of music’

at the upcoming Future Everything Festival, this week in Manchester. On 13 May, our London partners present their latest research into current user behaviour and evaluate what is coming next in the field of music facilitated by digital media.

The panel, set up by Netaudio London, consisting of leading practitioners, academics and industry professionals with web, music and public funding backgrounds are presented to comment on the research findings and share their own personal experience on how they use the Internet for making and enjoying music.

Alex McLean, producer of the London nodes of Le Placard and Dorkbot will share his wide ranging experience with technology enabled practitioners and personal insights as a Live Coding artist and computational technology researcher.

John Matthias will reflect on his recent success with the New Music Award winning Fragmented Orchestra project and present current research from the Computer Music Research Centre in Plymouth.

Rachel Baker will comment on how recent developments are reflected by the the Arts Council Digital Opportunity Programme and share her long-standing experience as successful media art practitioner.

Thorsten Sideboard brings first hand insight into all aspects of digital music distribution through his job managing the extensive catalog and his experience running the revered Highpoint Lowlife record label.

The panel takes place as part of the FutureEverything conference in Manchester on 13 May 2010, 4pm. It is hosted by Matt Spendlove and Andi Studer of Netaudio London with an introduction given by David Rogerson of Sound and Music. Produced by Cenatus CIC in partnership with Sound and Music, funded by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts.

Find out more by following the highlighted links – and most important: join’m there! Prompt start at 4 pm.

The Netaudio crew

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