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Bleak Netlabel

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The idea of bleak was conceived in the middle of 2006, when bernhard h., who does programming for the Laridae netlabel website, heard some demos which just didn’t fit in the Laridae portfolio. the concept to release uncompromised, unobliging art on the web has since grown into a philosophy. you will find improvisations, industrial, experimental art, plus videos, poetry and a lot of other stuff that can be provided digitally.

Bleak is based in Vienna/Austria.

the Bleak manifest

Bleak is a netlabel. we distribute art that does not fit in elsewhere. this may be difficult music, atonal music, sounds, noises, spoken word, improvisation, experimental. music that is not intended to make you dance. but even that depends on HOW you would dance to it.

Bleak is also a platform for any other form of art that can be presented on an internet site. there will always be images, videos, paintings, drawings or poetry that reflect the ideas and imaginations we have.

Bleak is the home for artists who don’t care too much about pleasing the audience. this does not make us better or special. it just represents an alternative to the pop culture, where music finds the audience. we hope that the audience finds us, because they are looking for us.

Bleak is not a counterpart to anything or something special. it is an extension. we hope you like what you see and hear… and feel. if something makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be intentional.

a Bleak release is not necessarily a downloadable package. we may “release” also images, events, ideas, words.


  • red.chamber (aut)
  • r.A.C.K (aut)
  • Dague de Miséricorde (fra)
  • Das Fleisch / The Human Flesh (aut)
  • Ipso Schaltwerk (aut/nor)
  • Tonableitungsteiler (ger)
  • 53 (ex-yu/aut)
  • stormhat (den)
  • Marco P. Schott / lunapark (ger)
  • Textbeak (usa)
  • Larraskitun Zetangauz (basque country)
  • Maïse (usa)
  • Gothick (uk)
  • Josef Nadek (aut)
  • Passive Cable Theory (uk)
  • Erynnia (aut)


  • bleak001 (audio): Invasion (r.A.C.K vs. red.chamber [aut]) *
  • bleak002 (audio): Roulette Russe (Dague de Miséricorde [fra])
  • bleak003 (event/fanzine*): “…the hard of hearing”
  • bleak004 (audio): KALDT (ipso schaltwerk [aut/nor])
  • bleak005 (audio/video): herz / johanna (das fleisch / the human flesh [aut])
  • bleak006 (audio): CYCLE A-F (tonableitungsteiler [ger])
  • bleak007 (audio/images): The Green Machine (Stormhat [dk])
  • bleak008 (audio): glioksizom.p53.XII.413(53 [ex-yu/aut])
  • bleak009 (video/text): waswenn (Marco P. Schott [ger])
  • bleak010 (audio): word vessels (textbeak [usa])
  • bleak011 (audio): Bokadiluejandajunbilikozangarizen (Larraskitun Zetangauz [basque country])
  • bleak012 (audio): Open Door (Maïse [usa])
  • bleak013 (dedication): The Death Of Jörg Haider
  • bleak014 (audio): Convokation Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Gothick [UK])
  • bleak015 (audio): Various: DS:Vol.1 (ex-yu)
  • bleak016 (audio): Josef Nadek: Mei Liab isch tot (aut)
  • bleak017 (audio): Passive Cable Theory: I’m So Impressed By Your Pop Culture Reference (bel)
  • bleak020 (audio): Erynnia: PhantomsI0 (aut)
  • bleak018 (gallery): The Art Of Zara Voodoo Kand (usa) *
  • bleak019 (gallery): The Art Of Jonathan Canady (usa) *
  • bleak021 (audio): Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: The Slow Down Trickle Effect (ger) *
  • bleak023 (audio): listen in solitude II (red.chamber [austria]) *

a * denotes a pending release

a release on is subject to the following criterias:


Our aim is to release high-quality music, not only from an artistic point of view, but also in terms of sound quality. so for most of our audio releases we will use the FLAC audio codec.

We will use ogg and/or mp3 only for “teasers”, excerpts of the full release.

But even that depends on the releasing artist. if he/she/it decides to release as mp3 only, we will do it as well.

Free art

Releases on are free for download, unless stated differently. “free” means you don`t have to pay for it. it does not mean you can do with it whatever you want. copyright is copyright, and the artist is the owner of all his work. you may download and copy, but you may not use it as if it`s yours. at the bottom of the bleak manifest you will find a link to the creative commons` license description.


An artist who releases on bleak has full control over his work. at any time bleak will pull back a release if the artist decides so. those releases will stay online, but it will not be possible to download any longer.
Bleak has no interest in making money with the art released on this platform. there may be an official bleak label in the future, but the net-label, as you see it there, will always hold on to its own manifest and ideals.

Additional information

Bleak releases are mostly available only in lossless compressed FLAC (for audio) or similar formats. video releases are available in different formats, to avoid platform or codec problems.

  • music-format: flac/mp3/ogg/iso image
  • cover-format: jpg/gif/pdf
  • video-format: mp4/mov/avi/divx

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