Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Fresh Poulp

Fresh Poulp apperas on Day program

Fresh Poulp Records are an electronic music netlabel, created in 2004 by Boris Thomas, Sébastien Charpiot and finally Geoffrey Marchand who now manages the record label alone. Sailing through dub, techno, electronica and drum’n’bass, the poulp’s tentacles also lead to other musical styles fiting with the electronic domain and all its crossovers (hip-hop, jazz, oriental music). One of its main goals is to promote its artist via the internet through its website, and to release all its catalogue (EP’s, LP’s and compilations) in free downloadable mp3 format, under Creatives Commons licence. The other goal being the artist’s booking, since 2008 Fresh Poulp Records makes tries its best to find gigs and venues by searching and being open to all opportunities.

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