Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Les Cristaux Liquident

Les Cristaux Liquident apperas on Day program

Almost six years ago…

Within a few years, les Cristaux Liquident (LCL) has been known under various forms :

Firstly known from 2000 to 2002 as an electro band born within the Formol collective, it was in 2003 that LCL became an artistic collective.

At the end of 2004, the collective created ?Agrum?, a meta collective featuring several electronic music bands, whose purpose was to set up two big events which took place in 2005: the ?Electronic Encounters? and a CD compilation of Agrum?s bands. At the end of 2005, LCL and Agrum splitted up.

Because ?free? and open source culture has always been an integral part of its personal artistic processes, LCL?s objective is now to take an active part in the development of local ?free music? networks (Montpellier as well as its surroundings). In 2006, the Diffuz and Appel festivals took place, which are its first realizations.

In 2007, Les Cristaux Liquident developed at the same time more personal, intimate projects while carrying on with investing their time and energy for events that they consider as legitimate (“Dub en sauce” festival first edition, multimedia creations for ControlK, & Montpellier Quartiers Libre)

2008 : second edition of “Dub en sauce” festival in Montpellier (mediterranean receipes, featuring Italy, Sardinia & Spain). The netabel opens worldwide with spanish band Volatil collaborations with Azzuro (J), Hyqo (J), KouChouChing (Tw), and also Pier & Tribuman (France).

In 2009, the story continues with new events and regular releases on the netlabel…

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