Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

A Quiet Bump

A Quiet Bump appears on Day program

AQBMP is a (net)label based in Irpinia – southern italy, that launched in 2005. Aqbmp produces multimedia focused on trip hop, dub, hiphop styles and musics by beats and low frequency all releases are freely downloadable under creative commons licenses 2.5 on web site. Founded on 2005 by Carmine Minichiello and Paolo Picone as label for first ep by their band Mou, Aquietbump involve in 2006 into the staff also Giovanni Roma (Black Era) and Raffaele Gargiulo (Jambassa)… as a collective of 3 bands (Mou, Jambassa, Black Era) and their side projects…

In 2007 with Sardinia Bass Legalize ?sbl ep? release, Aquietbump opened the casting of artists also to other projects/bands trasforming itself into a real label… opened not only to Italian dub/triphop scene, but also to international artists with the same approach.

More about A Quiet Bump

Please also have a look at the detailed PDF Timetable and Lineup.

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