Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

A big hug and a sweet kiss and a sparkeling farewell tear to each of you!

We want to thank every artist, participant, visitor and helping hand for this wonderful festival. To meet all of you was an amazing experience – simply a shinig star of inspiration for future activities.

See you in London 2010, checkout for further details!

Alive again – and still with love
Netaudio Festival Berlin 2009 crew.

You might see first pictures here.

Live sets are circulating through the web already, many of them
on Nightclubber forum, based in Argentina… Download:

The Marx Trukker / live
Pheek / liv
e Mirror: Pheek / live
Marc Schneider
Falko Brocksieper
SCSI-9 / Live
Holger Flinsch / live
[wrong labelling!]
Juno6 / live
Klartraum / live
Roots Ista Posse / live
Rafiralfiro Trio / live
Niteffect / live

Ceci n?est pas une pipe / live [QuarterBit / Public Spaces Lab]

The complete radio stream (cutted and lebelled) can be found here.

Radio Transmissions of the festival:

Deutschlandradio Kultur (Breitband, Live vor Ort, Sa 10.10.09 14-15 Uhr) site / download
Fritz, Trackback (Sa, 3.10.09, 18-19 Uhr) site / download
Fritz, Trackback (Sa, 10.10.09, 18-19 Uhr) site / site / download
MDR Sputnik, 360Grad (Sa, 10.10.09, 10 – 14.00 Uhr)  download
On3-Radio (Bayerischer Rundfunk) (Mo, 12.10.09, 15.00 Uhr) Nachbericht, von Nadine Kreuzahler site / download

Video Snippets of the festival:


Quarter Bit
Das blaue Monster
Jenz Steiner
Roots Ista Posse
Urbanoise 1 2
Dirk Markham 1 2 3 4
Zavoloka & Kotra (Kvitnu)


Berlin Wall of Sound
Visual Berlin / VJ Sniper
Andrew Dubber
Max Marlow pt. 1 2 3 4
Mark Donnarumma
Instant Delay

14 Responses to “A big hug and a sweet kiss and a sparkeling farewell tear to each of you!”

  1. Thanks to you for the organization! It has been really great! A pleasure to be there and collaborate!

    Some more pics:


  2. volfoniq says:

    Thanks for your welcome and kindness ! Netaudio Berlin has been a great time for us.

  3. LCL netlabel says:

    Bravo for this festival and all the things you made for the Netaudio community !

    LCL netlabel – France

  4. Dimitris says:

    i must say I am amazed, big up for all the netaudio crew in berlin

  5. Marx says:

    This was so great,thanks a lot!

  6. Urbanoise says:

    Bravo , Bravo!!!
    thumps up for the Netaudio crew. enjoyed music, berlin and a lot of great beers!!!! hope to see you again soon

    Asty Tekk

  7. Fabien says:

    Many thanks for the great event!

  8. Tracing Arcs says:

    A very big thank you to you all, a real pleasure. And well done !!

  9. Thank you for everything! This was great!

  10. embe says:

    It was heavy but so much fun, and too short. Thanks again for the warmth and kindness and exposure.
    More love here:

  11. Fushara says:

    had awesome fun on my first visit to Berlin! Big ups to all who organised the event

  12. Simon Roy says:

    I had an amazing time at the festival. It was great to see so many passionate people under the same roof. The organizing team did a kick-ass job. Thanks for the warm welcome !

  13. mogwai says:

    Jetzt gibt es das Live-Set von Niteffect auf Kreislauf.Organization zum download in 320kbps/mp3:

  14. Boag says:

    I’m still reeling from the insane amount of music I discovered, the beautiful music I heard played live and the amazing people I met. My radio show has been all but all about the stuff we discovered over there every week since we got back, and the blog we write has been much the same. The positivity I felt from so many of the crews present was a real shot in the arm, and I came home more excited about my own music than I have been in a while. Beyond all that, I’ve made some friendships that I hope will last forever.

    I cannot wait for London 2010.

    (And I am still wearing my wristband, something I have never done for any festival I’ve ever been to before…)

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