Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

German Embassy refused VISA for Dubosmium

Sad news for Dubosmium and Netaudio Berlin . Abdellah aka Dubosmium, invited to play in Berlin for the Netaudio Festival Berlin  (plus some appearances on an extended tour in France), has had his VISA refused by German Embassy in Rabat, Morocco –  and for this reason won?t be able to play. We’re all very sad about this news – for we really tried hard to convince the Embassy of the outstanding character of Dubosmiums role in in african/arabian netaudio movement. We also were pointing at the involvement of the Hauptstadtkulturfonds to make this festival happen – as well as the correlation between the Netaudio Festival 2009 and the 20th anniversary of the teardown of the Wall.

Disregarding all our arguments German Embassy was not even upright enough to tell a reason for their decision.  We think it’s a shame how poor those German representatives in Morocco behave. It clearly shows that there is no spirit of overcoming existing borders between cultures and nations guiding this institution. Besides this arrogant and ignorant behaviour it should also be mentioned, that all other German Embassies were co-operative and supporting Netaudio Berlin Festival with permitting all bands and musicians to play in Germany (although VJs were not regarded as artists in the German Embassy in the Ukraine). This might also demonstrate the lone and shameful politics of German Embassy in Morocco.

Here you can read the press release from our Frensh partners Fresh Poulp Records

Roots Ista Posse [Fresh Poulp Records / Jahtari] from Paris will replace Dubosmium on the Experimental Floor @ Club Maria Berlin on Thursday – though he would perfectly fit on the 8bit/Dub Floor on Saturday… Anyhow: a little dubby 8bit-tunes on the experimental floor can’t be wrong also…

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  1. […] kann nicht auf dem Festival in Berlin auftreten, weil ihm die deutsche Botschaft in Rabat das Visum verweigert […]

  2. Javier says:

    Very sad news for the free spirit of music.

    I not understand nothing…

    My support to Dubosmium and all music community.

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