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How to earn money with cc music? calls for entries is a new platform for the use of free music for commercial purposes.

To kick things off, invites all musicians, bands and labels to partake in this project. In addition, PRIMA looks forward to your feedback to improve their platform constantly – for an effective distribution of your music!

Any kind of music that was not created by members of any collecting-society (such as GEMA, GVL, ASCAP, PPL, SUISA etc.) worldwide, can become part of the musical portfolio. Supporting offers a number of considerable advantages:

+ a flat share of 40% of all licensing-money coming in goes directly to the artists and labels ? we have no sympathy for intransparent or disproportionate allocation-keys.

+ Supporting is fully compatible with the use of Creative Commons licenses. You only transfer the non-exclusive music-rights for the use for commercial purposes to Therefore, you can still license your music to third parties or give it away for free for non-commercial purposes (i.e. CC BY/NC/ND).

+ Besides an opportunity to earn money with music, also offers musicians and labels a chance to promote and spread their music throughout the world within non-web contexts.

You might follow the link to to obtain more information on how to create your own account at and to upload your music.

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