Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Samples wanted for Netaudio Ping Pong!

Netaudio Berlin and Netaudio London are looking for new samples for ther interactive Netaudio Ping Pong game! Submit a set of samples and win a free day ticket!

We haven’t quite grown up completely yet, that?s no secret. We like nothing more than to waste our extremely valid time on inventing strange games to waste even more time! As I’m sure you understand from your own lives? If you are one of the illustrious few who take pleasure in useless inventions of  an unserious time killing nature? Then congrats!! You are our welcome victim… Sorry i mean candidate!

netaudio ping pong

Netaudio Ping Pong is table tennis for music nerds ? or for those who always wanted to be one? The game is set around a ping pong table equipped with 2 sets of electronic drum pads. When the performance starts, each player has a turn to improvise music on the pads for 4 bars. The players aim is to contribute towards a seamless musical mix. You have no idea of what we?re talking about? Then simply watch this small video, have a look at this flickr-slideshow ? or find a introduction as pdf file here.

Anyhow: We?ve played this game 716 times already and we are a bit fucking bored of  all the sounds, which have even started making their way in to our dreams. So we?re urgently looking for some new sets of sounds to incorporate in to the game.

Submit a complete set of sounds (4×4 bars = 16 samples) and if they?re chosen to be part of the 2009 Festival game you?ll win a free dayticket (of your choice ? Thu, Fri or Sat) for the Netaudio Festival! Have a look at the Ping Pong Contributors Guide and start your own selection! We?d love to hear your suggestions!!

By the way? There is of course no legal possibility to influence our dictatorial decision.

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