Netaudio Festival 09, Maria Berlin

Netaudio France opens the gate!

Excellent start for the netaudio movement in 2010! After the announcement of the Netaudio Festival in Lisbon end of the year another European country launnched its platform: is now supporting the netaudio affairs in France! After Netaudio London and Netaudio Berlin, the Spanish, nettare in Italy, Netaudio Russia resp. Moscow and Netaudio Poland two more initiatives will now extend the European network of netaudio groups.

Netaudio France is initially driven by the country’s most active netlabel Fresh Poulp Records. Geoffrey Marchand, labelhead and event organizor gave the initial impulses for the new forum. His label has been focussing on Dub, Oriental Grooves, Hiphop, Dubstep, Downbeat and Fusion sounds. Amongst their artists are names like Normaa, Roots Ista Posse, I-Massive, Rafiralfiro, Dubosmium and many more excellent musicians.

Until now, three more acteurs joined the platform: Al Dente Rec., a techno and minimal (and a little dub influenced) label promoting artists like Eggbox, Tsunami Wazahari, Focus, Funkatone, Blair’Baxter and more.

AntiBlues is concentrating on HipHop, Ambient and Electro, featuring artists like Volfoniq, Aide auditive, Altf4, Autoctone, Vernon Lenoir and others. Finally, today announces their fourth partner joining the platform: Original Dub Gathering, a French netlabel strictly dedicated to Dub! Releases from Ondubground, Vlastur, U Stone, Dawa HiFi, Panda Dub and more.

Hopefully, more French netlabels will join this promising network to even increase the dynamic development of the free music scene in France. Doubtless it has loads of excellent tunes to spread – so give a try!

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  1. Did you forget any country in your list of netaudio platforms? ;P

  2. Raimund says:

    como no! muchas gracias – me da apuro un poquito…

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